Enjoy these photos of Richard from Evergreen Home Performance installing Indow Windows at the Bowdoin College Chapel in Maine.
"We wanted to improve the window insulation of our stained glass windows. We could feel the cold drafts coming in and knew that our energy bills were flowing out. We chose Indow Windows because they are so easy to install and once they are in they are so unobtrusive. The drafts are gone, we are saving energy, and now we can use our Living Room which before was just too cold to enjoy." Christine P.
"We were looking for a storm window solution to reduce the interior cool draft off the existing windows, these windows are the original wood frame sash type circa 1920. Your interior application fit our needs perfectly because we could preserve the external appearance and solve the drafting problem. We have been very happy with the fit and function of the Indow windows." Gary Thornquist, Facilities Lead, City of Kirkland
“Indow Windows don’t have a downside – they’re affordable, energy- efficient and they don’t change the look of your home at all. Unless I point them out, no one even notices them.” - Brian Battalia
"Finally we can sit comfortably in our breakfast nook in the winter. After years of wanting new windows but never being able to afford them this elegant and simple solution has allowed us to keep the charm of our original 1925 windows with out the drafts, fogging and condensation. I am amazed at how well they work. I wish I had thought of them." Brian McLean
"I wanted to stop the cold drafts and energy loss from my original windows but did not want to sacrifice the rippling glass or destroy the classic craftsmanship. As Indow Windows's first customer I'm so pleased with the comfort and the quiet. It's an honor to help homeowners across the United States save energy, gain comfort, and reduce their environmental impact." - Sam Pardue, Indow Windows Founder & CEO
 "Exterior storm windows seemed out of character with our historic 1885 house. Indow Windows provided a simple, effective way to improve thermal and sound insulation at a reasonable price. They don't change the exterior appearance, and they are barely noticeable on the interior,” Allen Denison